What does Cloud do for me?


So much talk about “the cloud.” What’s in it for me?

Simply, it means that your solution provider, Synchroad, takes care of all of the hard stuff…. servers, backups, upgrades and security. All you need is a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.


Cloud enables businesses

Cloud solutions, such as Synchroad, are designed to allow your staff to securely and efficiently work from anywhere with an internet connection. Unlike legacy software that was only available in the office, modern, web based systems enable productivity whenever and wherever required.



No servers. No boxes of software. No worries!

Having your solutions hosted in the Cloud means you eliminate those worries because you're not managing servers and software – we take care of that! It is all covered by your monthly subscription.

Life before the cloud

Software has traditionally been expensive to buy and run. You not only had to pay a large, upfront, purchase price for your software, you then had to pay a computer expert to install it, a server to run it, and time and effort to maintain it and keep it current.

The Cloud allows organisations to share all of these skills, we take care of your security, servers, upgrades and backups. Because we do this for many organisations we’re pretty good at it!